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Natural Home Remedies For an Increase Your Sexual Power

If your sexual rate decreases after sunny summer days do not worry! This is totally normal. You’ll find some recommendations and a special formula for men to overcome these hard days on the following lines.


According to mythology, love goddess Aphrodite was known made its own preparations and ointments that she gives to her lovers to enhance their sexual potency. This is the reason why today we are calling all stimulating elixirs as aphrodisiacs. Today men are not so lucky and we highly recommend that you read this article to men who live in big cities.

Without doubt best aphrodisiacs are the sun, a good sleep and fresh air. A good sleep is necessary for the body bags, to increase your energy and revitalize its hormones. Sunlight is a powerful doping for our body including sexual hormones. The main reason for the vitality of men is to be relaxed on vacation outdoors. But on cloudy days some natural reinforcements fall can be very helpful.

Do not have all day

. maintain a difference of one or two days. Sex, as an integral part of the daily routine can make you feel bored and could ultimately result in decreased sexual interest. The sex many times a day, very rarely right.

2. They always have an element of surprise in their movements, or general behavior, or gifts you choose. Surprise makes exciting time.
3. Different sexual positions – You can start to get bored same

positions. Therefore, different sexual positions not only helps to have better sexual health, but also helps you stay in shape by burning a few calories. Sexual positions that allow complete insertion the fun and exciting event.

4. Try some sexual fantasies SAFE. Sexual fantasies are imaginary scenes to plan and approve your spouse.

5. It suddenly undress. Slow and Steady … always wins the race.
6. Use a condom, delayed the top allowing more time to enjoy. In some men, roll back the foreskin of the penis to help delay the excitement. The tip of the penis (the end protruding part) in men is the point of excitation. what it takes in your excitement, helps to delay ejaculation and gives you enough time to foreplay.

A good sex life does not just happen – it requires a little help, which means a balanced diet and nutrients combined with regular moderate exercise and a positive attitude. These are the key elements to help maintain its high sex drive and reproductive system in good working order. You can not ignore that there are certain foods that have the power to regulate the levels of sex hormones in the body, and some may even help protect your reproductive system of the potentially harmful effects of infection or disease.
Red is good for the vitality of men

When we say aphrodisiacs we generally mean drugs for men because they must be active in sexual relationships. In other words, for a successful sexual relationship that must be awakened and raised.

For a man with red skin color is important force. In astrology Mars represents man and its sexual power, and the symbol of Mars is red. Therefore, food and drink red is recommended for

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